Victor Korzunin

Senior Software Developer

Formerly I used to be a financial market trader and had been working in financial companies and a bank for 10 years in common. Software Development was one of my hobbies which helped me in my work. Recently I decided to do software development professionally and realized it is what I’ve desired to be doing.



Most starred open-source projects

πŸ’¨ A Serverless framework plugin to bundle JavaScript and TypeScript with extremely fast `esbuild`.

I initiated it because no one has done it yet.

Ξ»πŸ’¨ AWS CDK Construct to bundle JavaScript and TypeScript AWS lambdas using extremely fast `esbuild`.

I created it as an alternative to build-in @aws-cdk/aws-lambda-nodejs which had been extremely slow to build by the time.

🧨 The DynamoDB Migrations Tool Command Line Interface (dynamit-cli).

It’s like sequelize-cli implemented for migrating dynamodb tables, It serves as alternative to cloudformation, because CF has gsi multiple updates limitation.

International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) validator.

Initiated as a fork of node-isin-validator refactored and adapted for browser target.


Sep 2018 - Present (2 yrs 6 mos)


Blanco Fintech

Serverless Guru

  • Develop front-end SPA application, improve performance and code quality
  • Architect and develop from scratch new microservices taking into account scalability
  • Brought TypeScript as development standard for the team thereby improve overall code quality

Stack: NodeJS, Webpack, GraphQL, Serverless, AWS, Lambda, S3, ECS, DynamoDB, RDS, SQS, Angular

Jan 2018 - Sep 2018 (8 mos)


Kaspersky Lab

Web Developer

  • Worked as part of team on new features and bugs
  • Migrated about 5% of Backbone application to Angular taking into account common architectural decisions
  • Implemented Redmine tracking system integration for the Beta Testing Kaspersky Forum
  • Mentor junior developers about Angular best practices thereby let them jump-start with it smoother

Stack: Angular, Gulp, Backbone, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, NodeJS, MongoDB

Jan 2016 - Dec 2017 (2 yrs)


Local division of Saritasa

.NET Developer

  • Worked on different .NET projects as a full-stack web developer
  • Migrated legacy ASP.NET WebForms applications to the new client-server architecture approach with RESTful API
  • Leading a front-end team developing Angular and Cordova applications
  • Mentor junior developers about Angular best practices thereby let them jump-start with it smoother

Stack: ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebApi, ASP.NET WebForms, Entity Framework, AngularJS, Angular, Cordova, Ionic

May 2012 - Dec 2015 (3 yrs 8 mos)


Koltso Urala Bank

Treasury Department Specialist

  • Mainly I was responsible for dealer transactions such as interbank and forex trades, banknote and repos transactions
  • By my own initiative, I automated some business processes inside department which helped to make decisions during management the bank liquidity lifecycle

Stack: C#, WinForms, WPF, MS Access

Oct 2010 - May 2012 (1 yrs 8 mos)


ALOR Group

Branch Manager, Equity Trader

  • I was mainly responsible for intraday dealer transactions with equities and futures
  • Apart from trading I was leading the team of traders like me, managed their trade risks and had the operational duties
  • Automated all the processes related to reporting, budgeting and planning as well as made attempts to implement trading bots, informers and helpers

Stack: VBA, C#, WinForms

Sep 2006 - Sep 2010 (4 yrs 1 mos)


IFC Eurogreen

Equity Trader

  • Intraday dealer operations with equities and futures were my main responsibility
  • Apart from trading I was training and recruiting freshpeople on the equity trader role
  • That time I started to show an interest in programming

Stack: VBA, VB.NET, Delphi


2001 - 2006


Ural Institute of Stock Market

Master's Degree

  • Direction: Finance and Credit
  • Specialization: Securities market and stock exchanges
  • Thesis: Specifics of asset management in the banking sector


Oct 2019 - Oct 2022

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

Nov 2016

Exam 483: Programming in C# Microsoft Certified Professional

Dec 2007

Series 5.0 qualification course on administration of investment funds, mutual investment funds, and non-government pension funds

Mar 2007

Series 4.0 qualification course on depositary procedures

Nov 2006

Series 1.0 qualification course on broker/dealer activity, and securities management


Alongside my interests in software development some of my other interests and hobbies are:

  • πŸ‚ Snowboarding
  • πŸ—» Mountain Hiking
  • 🚡 Cycling